Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Isagenix Tranformation: Week 8 progress report

I FEEL AMAZING!  I wish you could get a dose of this incredible energy and vitality I feel day in day out with these nutrition products.  I have a testimony now of the power of putting in the best nutrition on the planet.  I have energy all day to keep up with my six kids, exercise, write books and do the things I love to do.

If you're ready to start your transformation and take your body and life back, connect with me!  I want to help those who desire the most out of life.

My Interview with Producers of Ellen: Fighting Breast Cancer while Pregnant

I recently did an interview with the producers of the Ellen show where they were looking for guests who were fighting breast cancer to share their experience.  This is what I told them!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Fight Song: Incredible Women Fight Cancer While Pregnant!

Every year 3,500 women will be diagnosed with cancer while they are pregnant.  This is our story.  Please share this video and support these amazing women in the fight!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Live the Life you Want NOW: Day 1 VISION

Video training course on how to live a life of passion, purpose and excellence from bestselling author and speaker, Heather Choate.  Unleash your potential, overcome your fears and create a solid plan to turn your biggest dreams into a reality.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Law of Attraction Success Story: Power of Gratitude

I challenge you to take the 30 Day Gratitude Dare and unleash peace and happiness like you've never experienced!  Gratitude has changed who I am.  I used to be a very anxious and bitter person, but learning to be grateful for what I have every day has made me appreciate life and my relationships so much more.  Gratitude is like a muscle.  You either use it, or you lose it.  I challenge you to take the 30 day Gratitude Dare with me!

Here's my ebook and audio book "Gratitude Dare" on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1NY3qNW

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Have an amazing and abundant day!


Monday, October 26, 2015

You Can't Do That...WATCH ME!

The most motivating speech I've heard is someone telling me I can't do something.  When someone says "It's too risky" or that I can't do something, it lights a fire in me.  YES I CAN!  But what happens when the person telling you that you can't do something is the person looking back at you in the mirror?  You tell that person, "I Can.  I will.  I must."  There is no growth in the comfort zone.  The safe zone is the dead zone.  You have to push yourself.  Robin Sharma says, "When you go to your limits, your limits expand."  Get out of your own way, commit to making the changes you want to see in your life and don't let anyone stop you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why I wrote my memoir, Fighting for Our Lives

Vulnerable, exposed and scared.  These were a few of the emotions I felt when I first published my memoir.  But now that I've seen a bit of the good its done for others, I know its all worth it.  This memoir is me at my rawest and most honest.  When I wrote it, I didn't know if I would be here today.  There was a high chance that the cancer would claim my life.  I wanted my children and my family to know who I was and understand why I made the choices I did.  Now, I want to use those difficult experiences to help others.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Overcome difficulties with selflessness and service

I had a "wo is me" day yesterday and the thing that helped turn my mindset around was thinking more of others than myself.  This is the key to putting our own problems in the proper perspective.  It allows us to get into a state where we can effectively solve our own problems while blessing and uplifting others.  Service is the antidote to depression and self-centeredness!  Forget yourself and go uplift someone else!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Law of Attraction Success Story: Overcome Difficulty

Practical principles to overcome any challenge or difficulty.  When I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer at 10 weeks pregnant, I knew I had a choice: how I was I going to handle this challenge.  I'd heard that you can "go through a challenge, or you can grow through a challenge."  I chose to grow through it and though I wasn't perfect at keeping that mentality all the time, it did serve to strengthen and help me.  It gave me that inner purpose to keep going because I knew why I was doing it.  I learned how to examine every situation and say 'what can I learn from this?"  and 'what good can come from this?"  We don't have to be victims to what happens to us, we can become strong and resilient and grace the world with our beauty and tenacity.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Law of Attraction Sucess Story: Lack vs Abundance- 4 Tactics to Increase...

Lack vs. Abundance.  Which mindset do you find yourself in most of the time?  To help me shift my mentality from scarcity to abundance, I have drawn upon the experience of the world's most successful people including Earl Nightingale, The Richest Man in Babylon, Robin Sharma and Wayne Dyer.  Here are 4 powerful tactics to recognize the abundance in our lives so that we can be open and in the right energy to receive more. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Will you kindly do me a favor?

For the past year I've been quietly keeping record of the experiences we've had and lessons we've learned having breast cancer while pregnant and a mom.  I've put it together in a memoir that I know can benefit a lot of people.  I'm wondering if you could take literally 1 minute out of your day to do me a super easy favor...

Can you please go to this page :


... and watch the quick-little video I made?

Thanks so much in advance, and give me a chat in any case so we can connect more.



Thursday, October 1, 2015

Law of Attraction Success Story: Freedom in Forgiveness

I witnessed one person forgive another today and was struck so deeply by it, I knew I had to record this quick video.  Forgiveness is freedom.  Most of my life, I've been the kind of person who was offended easily and held onto resentment for the wrong things people had done to me.  In the past year, I've learned that forgiveness is truly a gift we give ourselves.  It frees us from bitterness, anger and guilt.  Forgiveness puts us in alignment so that we can receive abundance and happiness. #forgiveness #forgivenessisfreedom

Friday, September 25, 2015

Law of Attraction Success Story: Magnificent Obsession and Vision

The importance of having a vision and how to reduce your dream into a single, primary aim.  Earl Nightingale talks about the power of a magnificent obsession.  How to infuse that vision with energy and emotion so that your subconscious mind takes hold and brings it about.  My personal story of fighting breast cancer while pregnant and how my vision of a healthy baby helped to bring her into the world against the odds. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Law of Attraction Success Story: 4 Tactics to Raise your Energy

If you're like me, its easy to feel run-down, tired and stressed.  Having good mental, physical, and emotional energy levels is critical to productivity and getting great work done.  Here are four tactics  of the world's most efficient and successful people to raise your energy and achieve your ideal life.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Law of Attraction Success Story: Overcome self-doubt and insecurity in 5...

Are your thoughts riddled with self-doubt, insecurity and fear?  My week was full of this type of negative thinking that really held me back and almost kept me from going forward with my goals.  Here are four practical methods to overcome self-doubt and anxiety in five minutes or less.  They've helped me so much, and I hope they help you as well.  Here's to prospering!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Law of Attraction: POWER OF STARTING Video Documentary of my journey to ...

So scared but excited to start my video blog.  I had to overcome a huge mental block to sit down and record this today.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)

Gah!  This song brings tears to my eyes even after listening to it 5 times!  My new theme song...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kiery Celeste Choate: A Miracle Baby

This is an incredibly touching music video my sister, Lydia Hansen created that beautifully captures the journey Kiery and I and our family have been on this past year as I've fought breast cancer while pregnant with her. The doctors old me to abort her as I was risking my life to keep her but I knew tat if there was a chance for both of us to make it, I would take it. Please share this video so that it may bless and enlighten others to the possibility that breast cancer can be fought while pregnant. Thank you and my deep gratitude to Lydia for creating it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tiny Doll Dancer composed by Dana Hansen and dedicated to Heather and Ki...

This is a song my dad wrote for me as a baby. Now, he dedicates it to me and my baby, Kiery who fought with me while we went through cancer treatment together during my pregnancy with her. Kiery is 3 months old now and healthy and well! This song brings tears to my eyes...every time. Thank you, Dad!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our Interview with Mormon Channel

We were deeply honored to do this interview with Mormon Channel.

You can listen to it here!

Our interview with CBS 4 News

This interview had an amazing international outreach, finding its way to websites, blogs and news stations in Australia, England, Singapore, Canada and the U.S.  We are overwhelmed and grateful that our message of choice and hope reached so many!

Watch it here!

Thank you for your support.  I wish you happiness and abundance!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Perfect Gift

February, 26, 2015

I am so filled with peace and a motivation to change that I cannot sleep despite the nausea and effects of the chemotherapy.  Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  It is a precious gift and I’m not going to waste it.  Yesterday, I held the hand of my dying friend, Mary.  The Spirit and a deep sense of love and peace was so strong, you could literally feel it vibrating in the air.  Holding her hand and feeling that love, acceptance and eternity of her soul was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.  Mary is a magnificent soul.  She has lived a life of trial and hardship, but she has lived it with faith, diligence and charity.

It struck me so deeply of the beauty of a well-lived life.  Here was a woman who was not afraid to face death, who was not plagued with regret over her standing before her eternal Creator.  Her complete serenity has inspired me.  It has caused me to ask, “How do I want to feel on my death bed?  What do I want to leave behind?  How do I want to feel as I know I soon will return to my God and Savior?”  I am determining now, in this very moment to live so I too may have that peace.  So that I too will know my Savior as my redeemer and friend and have a clear conscience before him.  So that I will look back on my life and see the pure love that I had for my husband, my children and my brothers and sisters here on this earth.

Death can be beautiful and witnessing the end of a mortal life carries a very valuable opportunity for us.  It gives us the chance to remember that we are not immortal.  We too will someday find ourselves there.  It’s a guarantee.  It gives us the chance to reflect upon our own lives, our own standing before our Eternal Father.  It gives us the ability to recognize the incredible gift of a new day, another chance to breathe, to change and become, to start over and move forward.  And that is what I am going to do.  Today and every day.  I will not procrastinate becoming the person I want to be, the person I know will be able to look up into my Savior’s face, clean, perfected and holy.  I will be that person today.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chemo is kicking my trash- so I'm fighting back!

Snuggled under a blanket with Kiery listening to Michael Buble.  I've spent most of the past two days this way.  It may not look like it, but this is me fighting.  Chemo sucks.  Period.  I sleep 14 hours a day and that doesn't seem enough (poor Ben!).  When I'm up, my head is foggy, my stomach is nauseous and my body tingles all over from the chemo attacking my nervous system.  I thought I'd feel better by now, it's been three days since the infusion after all, but I don't.  I'm at that point of breaking down.  I don't want to do this anymore and I have so long still to go.  Letting it overwhelm me would be easy.

I've learned its okay to cry.  It's okay to admit I'm weak, because that in itself is a strength.  But I'm also going to fight back.  I'm going to see that there's a purpose in my suffering, even if its only to entertain my clouded brain for a while, but maybe, I can help someone else in sharing my story.

It may be cheesy, but I made this graphic of one of my favorite quotes from Henry Ford to help lift my spirits today and maybe it will lift others as well.  I determined I would do my best to work out six days a week even while recovering from the chemo.  While on the treadmill, these words keep running through my mind, "I think I can, and I'm right."  It would have been easy to say, "I'm too weak.  I'm too sick.  This hurts too much.  It's too hard."  And I would have been right.  I wouldn't have done it.  But I told myself another story.  "I am strong.  I can do this."  And so I did.  Watch the stories you tell yourself.  If you don't like the plot, change it.

Sending love, health and happiness your way.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Support Breast Cancer Research and Awareness!

I'm donating 20% of all my book sales from my Special Edition box set to raise money for cancer research and awareness, so if you'd like to help this cause, pick up a copy on Amazon today.

This Special Edition Box Set contains four of Heather Choate's gripping novels including Swab, Frayed Crossing ,Blackwing Angel, and Fall for You .  20% of all profits from this box set will be donated to UC Foundation Young Women's Breast Cancer Research in an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer in young women and provide support for those currently in the fight.  Enjoy the amazing novels and thank you for supporting the fight against breast cancer!

Here's a quick description of SWAB:

SWAB (A Young Adult Sci-fi Novel)

“I love Ray, but if he’s still human, he’ll put a knife in my chest.”

Seventeen year old Cat has become a scarb— a mutated human whose instincts are now to kill any living human on sight.  She awakens from her “New Birth” to find herself trapped inside a scarb colony ruled by a vicious queen who is intent on using Cat’s abilities as a bearer to raise up an army that will crush any remaining humans.  But Cat sill remembers what it is like to be human.  She desperately clings to the love she has for Ray, who escaped from the colony before Cat could know if he turned scarb, or remained human.  She must decide if she’s willing to risk her life, and the lives of those she loves, to challenge the queen and pursue a man who could kill her now that she’s become everything he hates.

Swab delivers equal parts suspense and romance, delving into the clash between survival and morality set in a future with jarring parallels to our present.  Perfect for fans of  The Hunger Games and Divergent, Swab is the gripping story of a fresh dystopian world that explores the power of choice over destiny and the decision to love despite differences.

Check Out What Others Are Saying about Heather Choate's books...

“I am so glad to have read this book. I read a lot and it’s not every day that I come across a book with a unique plot line. This book really had my interest and I could hardly put it down. This action packed book follows Cat’s journey in retaliation against the scarb, who have tragically taken everything from her. I kept trying to predict what was going to happen but this plotline kept me guessing.

I was delighted that this book not only contains thrilling adventures but at its core is a beautiful romance. What impressed me was the way that the characters came alive. I felt like I was right there with Cat battling the scarb. Beyond the action in this book there are also some important lessons that the reader can learn from. Perhaps most interesting to me was the theme of one’s sense of self and their inner strength. I can’t wait for the sequel!” —Louisana

“A great novel. Heather Choate weaves a sci-fi tale that you will get lost in. She transports you to a new world with the descriptive language. Characters become friends, you root for the society she's created and can't put it down for one second. Everything you want as a reader, Heather Choate delivers. Loved it and can't wait for more from this author” — Jason Clark

“Heather has masterfully and skillfully weaved the imagery of an entirely new kind of world, rich with entrancing and vivid details and an awesome plot. Every time a chapter ends, I absolutely had to find out what happens next. With just the right mixture of emotional drama, action, and a story that sucks you in with every change of scene, I am beyond anxious and excited to find out how the sequel turns out. If someone makes a movie out of this, I will be at the theater hours before the box office opens to get the best seat. If you liked Hunger Games, Harry Potter or the Mortal Instruments series, this is just as unique, exciting, and original if not more!” — Thepulsiphyer

Again, if you'd like to help support breast cancer research and awareness, pick up a copy on Amazon today.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby Kiery is Here!

Kiery’s Birth Story

Written January 7, 2015

 (I can't upload pictures for some reason, maybe its the hospital WiFi?  Anyway, I'll post pics soon!)

Sitting alone in the hospital room waiting for the moment when the nurse will bring my baby back to me.  I haven’t seen her or held her for thirty-five hours.  I’ve been counting down every minute.  Only three hours left to go.  My thoughts have been with her constantly, wondering how she is, if she’s crying and if she knows how much I love her.  The staff says she’s been doing good but there’s nothing like knowing that for myself.  I firmly believe that newborns need their mother more than anyone and so its been difficult being separated, but I know its what’s best for her.  Like Ben said last night, “It’s the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean its easy.”  I laughed and said, “That sounds like the theme of this year.”  He agreed.

So, this is why I’m sitting her alone and my precious daughter is in isolation in the nursery.  Last week, Ben got sick from Micah and one by one all the kids got it too.  They had high fevers, terrible coughs, runny noses and were very lethargic and run down.  I took care of the family all week, late nights, little sleep and constant tending.  Then, on Saturday night, I started feeling ill.  By Sunday morning, I was completely sick with one of the most intense illness I’ve ever experienced.  Sunday night I ran a fever of 100 to 103 degrees that did not respond much to Tylenol.  I called the midwife and she told me to come in the next morning to evaluate me and the baby.  Well, I woke up on Monday and my fever had broken, but I started bleeding.  I also had several strong contractions.  We rushed to get a good friend to watch the kids for us and went to the hospital. 

The nurses immediately got the baby on the monitor and then swabbed me to test for influenza.  I continued to have strong but irregular contractions.  The results came back from the swab and I tested positive for influenza.  They got me on Tamiflu as well as sent in a prescription for Ben and all of the children.  They explained we would have to be on the medication for 48 hours before we wouldn’t be considered contagious.  I took the first dose at about 11:30 a.m. 

They continued to monitor the baby for several more hours.  We could have been discharged earlier, but they weren’t seeing the fluctuations in her heartbeat that they wanted to see to show that she was really thriving.  This continued late into the afternoon and they became more concerned about her.  They ordered an ultrasound to get a better idea of how she was doing.  It was a thirty minute test where they measure different things to see her vitality.  She got 6 out of 8 points and so failed the test.  The midwife came in and explained that typically at this point, they would induce me and deliver the baby, but because I was still contagious for influenza, they didn’t want to risk it.  Our goal was try to hold off delivery for the 48 hours.  She said I should come in on Wednesday and be induced at that point if she still wasn’t doing well.

So, we went home after a long day in the hospital, eager to see our children and get some rest.  We thanked our friend who had watched the kids all day for us, and then Ben took care of the kids while I went to lay down and rest as was still having occasional strong contractions.  I laid down just after nine and it felt so good to finally rest in my own bed.  I had fallen asleep for no more than ten minutes than I woke up with a really strong contraction.  I noted the time and went back to sleep.  Six minutes later, I was awaken again.  This continued on for about thirty minutes.  The contractions came closer and stronger but I tried to relax and keep labor at bay.  Ben laid down after cleaning the kitchen and taking care of Naomi who woke up still really sick.  He’d almost fallen asleep when I knew there was no way we could stall this labor.  I told him we needed to go to the hospital, even though I was reluctant to make that decision.  I didn’t want to go all the way back there only to find out it wasn’t real labor.  I told him, “I so just want to go to bed and get some rest.”  But another contraction later, I knew there was no other option.  This baby was coming.  I felt completely drained from being so sick, getting little rest and a full day in the hospital when I laid down, but something amazing happened.  I felt an incredible reserve of strength of energy that I cannot account for.  I know the Lord blessed me.  I felt his Spirit and his calm and knew that though this was the exact time we didn’t want her to come, it was going to be okay.  This was in his hands and she was coming at the right time for her. 

Ben called his brother and asked him to come home to watch the kids for us.  We packed and I did my deep breathing to get through the powerful contractions.  Micah showed up and we left, hoping our still-sick kids would be okay through the night.  The car ride was difficult.  I never like being confined to a seat during labor.  Ben put on his blinkers and floored it and I didn’t mind.  I knew she was coming quickly. 

When we got to the hospital, the nurse wanted to put us back on the monitor.  I agreed as long as I could get into the birthing tub as soon as possible.  I knelt in tabletop on the bed while they monitored the baby.  They checked me and I was already 6-7 centimeters dilated.   The nurse wasn’t happy with baby’s heartbeat again.  She wanted to keep me on the monitor, but I was in hard labor and I wanted in the water!  She said it was important to stay on the monitor so they would know if baby needed to come sooner.  I told her, “Well, if you want the baby to come sooner, then let me get in the tub, I’ll relax and she’ll come faster.”  She was still resistant but told me, “I can’t stop you if you’re going to.”  I told Ben to go fill up the tub and despite what the nurse wished, I got off the monitor and into the tub.  The water felt so good and was so relaxing. 

The midwife came in and told me she really would prefer I get back on the monitor, so they would know how she was doing.  I let her finish her spiel and as soon as she was done, I told her, “I feel pushy.”  But I wanted her to check me.  She said with some surprise, “You’re fully dilated, you can push when you feel like doing so.”  It didn’t surprise me.  I breathed through another contraction, then had her break the water.  As Ben was helping me get back onto all fours, I felt an incredible urge to push.  Her head crowned and one push later, she was born right into Ben’s hands.  He and the midwife brought the baby up out of the water and onto my chest.  She immediately began crying as I held her close to me.  They got a mask on me and I got to hold my little Kiery for about ten minutes.   She had a full head of dark hair, a round face with chubby cheeks and a double chin.  She opened her eyes and blinked up at me.  Her body was perfectly whole and healthy.  She was beautiful.  It was one of the sweetest, most breath-taking moments of my life.  There really are no words for that kind of emotion, joy and Spirit.  Ben said, “Every time you deliver, the Spirit is so strong.”  I felt the heaven’s near.

I carried her out of the tub and we went back to the bed with warm blankets for both of us.  After the placenta was delivered, the midwife allowed Ben to cut the cord.  Then, they took Kiery and weighed and measured her.  She was 8 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches.  They wrapped her up and then the nurse let me take one last look.  Then I had to say goodbye and they took her to the nursery.   Ben and I haven’t seen or held her since.  The nurses took pictures with our phones of her first bath and then again last night as she slept in the nursery so we could see how she was doing.  Tears are streaming down my face right now.  I love her.  I miss her.  I am grateful she is here.  I am grateful the Lord has blessed and sustained both of us through this journey.  She is whole.  She is healthy.  It goes without saying that she is living proof that a baby can be born normal and healthy despite their mother being treated for cancer.  I bore her despite the difficulty of everything we’ve gone through.  I imagined her coming into this world and immediately being with me, but I guess there was yet another challenge we’d have to surmount.  But we’re almost there now and she will very soon be in my arms and mine forever.

She is worth every sacrifice.  She is my child.  The Lord gave her to me and blessed me to be her mother.  That is a joy and a responsibility I will forever cherish and strive to fulfill to the upmost degree.  Motherhood is sacred.  I am grateful and humbled to be so blessed to have precious Kiery as my daughter.  She is strong and sweet and good.  I am excited to see what things the Lord and life have in store for our future.