Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kiery's first birthday!

So many emotions play inside me as I tuck my angel to bed tonight on this night of her first birthday.  She sojourned with me as we faced cancer and chemo together while she was still in the womb. I felt her kicks at night as cool air blew upon my bald head and imagined the time when I would hold her in my arms, beautiful and whole.  When I first saw here, I knew she was perfect. I knew she was worth every sacrifice. More challenges faced us and it broke my heart that I couldn't answer her cries, or hold her for days on end as I recovered from surgery.  But those times passed and were fleeting compared to the joy as I watched her grow, smile for the first time discover the world, and bring happiness to all who know her.  She giggles at Joseph's funny faces.  She struggles with all her little might to keep up with her sisters. She is strong and pure. She was my savior this year, because serving her, caring for her, and thinking of her, kept me from dwelling upon myself.  She was my miracle then and she's the world's miracle now. Happy birthday angel Kiery.  I love you.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Isagenix Tranformation: Week 8 progress report

I FEEL AMAZING!  I wish you could get a dose of this incredible energy and vitality I feel day in day out with these nutrition products.  I have a testimony now of the power of putting in the best nutrition on the planet.  I have energy all day to keep up with my six kids, exercise, write books and do the things I love to do.

If you're ready to start your transformation and take your body and life back, connect with me!  I want to help those who desire the most out of life.

My Interview with Producers of Ellen: Fighting Breast Cancer while Pregnant

I recently did an interview with the producers of the Ellen show where they were looking for guests who were fighting breast cancer to share their experience.  This is what I told them!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Fight Song: Incredible Women Fight Cancer While Pregnant!

Every year 3,500 women will be diagnosed with cancer while they are pregnant.  This is our story.  Please share this video and support these amazing women in the fight!